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1. Respect other members. Carnivora Forum expressly forbids defamation, which is the unjust injuring of good reputations. Unfair insults, name-calling, personal attacks, discrimination, prejudice, and argumentum ad hominem are not allowed. Critical statements are acceptable, even if frank, so long as they are true and not derogatory. Such comments are appropriate only if they are fair and relevant, and provide enough evidence (in the form of quotations, references, or images) to demonstrate accuracy. Violating this rule will result in warning, temporary banning, or permanent banning at the discretion of the staff.

2. Animal match-ups. The Interspecific Conflict section is for the hypothetical discussion of animal fighting only, and does not promote forced animal fighting in reality. Carnivora Forum does not condone cruelty toward animals, or the forcing of animals to fight for sport. Because the cruel practice of dog fighting still occurs illegally in the world, and remains plausible, proposing real or hypothetical match-ups between domestic dogs is not permitted. Any posts or images concerning dog fighting will be removed. The exception to this rule is if posts illustrate or raise awareness of dog fighting as an animal welfare issue.

3. Imagery Displays. Whilst topics on this forum involve 'animal v animal' scenarios & conflict, pictures & videos of what would constitute animal cruelty are not permitted. This includes bull fighting, dog fighting, bear& badger baiting etc. The exception to this rule is if such images may be used in the context of illustrating or raising awareness of an animal welfare issue. It's a fine line, so please don't abuse it. Displays of pornography are not permitted either.

4. Complaints Any complaints you have against posts, threads, other members or staff members must be made in accordance with the procedures outlined here. Failure to do so and a penalty (warning/suspension/banning) will be applied. General complaints openly aired against this forum, will be interpreted as your desire to leave and a staff member will help you do so. This also applies to Carnivora members insulting members or posting derogatory comments regarding this forum, on other forums or online media. This may lead to you having your posting privileges removed.

5. "Off Topic Conversations". Please stick to the topic at hand in a thread and don't diverge into unrelated themes. However 'off topic conversations' are encouraged - in the 'Spam Zone' section of the forum or by Personal Message.

6. "Double Posting". Is permitted on the proviso that the second post is relevant to the topic at hand. It is not permitted for pointless posts.

7. "Bumping" topics Is permitted as long as the 'bump' is done for a purpose ie. new information or you have yet to have your say on a particular issue.

8. "Oversized images". If you feel that an image you wish to post will stretch the the forums boundaries, a link to that photo may be more appropriate.

9. "Multiple accounts"
a) Those members who are found to have more than one account will have all accounts deleted/closed.
b) Members who apply for a second account or attempt to open a second account, will be denied the second account and have their original account suspended for a period of 14 days for a first offence, OR another period of time decided by Staff members.

10. "Trolls" Will be deleted.

11. Language. Language used must be appropriate by community standards i.e. please limit use of offensive terms.

12. Forum Advertisements. The advertisement of alternative forums to Carnivora via thread or signature,is not permitted unless permission has been granted by an Administrator.

13. Have fun please, thats what we are here for.